1. Drone controls

    Drone controls - a modern time dilemma!

    Drones controls are a hot topic. Are Eyes in the Sky a modern menace? Or a force for good? Our DilemmaMatch users are busy looking for answers….

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  2. Dilemma - what would you choose

    Dilemma, who doesn’t face one now and again?

    Every dilemma is different, and the solution isn’t always obvious (else it wouldn't be a dilemma). Our DilemmaMatch app can help you find the answer…

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  3. Cinema intermissions - time for a snack...

    The Return of Cinema Intermissions?

    Find out what moviegoers think about the disappearance of cinema intermissions… just one of the recent dilemmas that appeared in DilemmaMatch.

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  4. Counting down the most popular dilemmas 2015 - 3, 2... 1

    Counting down the most popular dilemmas 2015 - 3, 2... 1

    At the start of 2016, just what were the most popular dilemmas within the DilemmaMatch community? Now it’s time to announce the top 3 from 2015.

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  5. New features video DilemmaMatch

    New features video DilemmaMatch 1.2

    Updates to DilemmaMatch keep on coming! Check out our new video demonstrating the two main features introduced in version 1.2 of DilemmaMatch.

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