DilemmaMatch for Android up-to-date

Earlier this month we released new versions for iOS and Android mobiles. These latest releases are identical on both platforms, so you can now compare your answers with those of your Facebook friends, earn badges, review your answers, add multiple motivations, and vote/like other users' motivations, and it doesn't matter which type of smartphone you have!

Special Dilemmas

The latest releases are packed with new features, including "Featured Dilemmas" and the "Dilemma of the Day". These special Dilemmas will appear more often than other Dilemmas - and the Dilemma of the Day will be shown to everyone when they log in. By giving some Dilemmas extra attention, for example during a particular worldwide happening or event, every user will see these special Dilemmas and can answer them. This helps you to find even better and closer matches with your potential Soulmates.


You can now earn badges automatically by simply using the app. Most badges consist of three stars (levels), but there are also badges you can earn by performing a single action. Earned badges are displayed under My Badges on your Profile Page. See if you can collect them all!

Last but not least: DilemmaMatch is 100% cross platform, so it doesn't matter which device your friends (or potential Soulmates) are using. So why wait? Download the app for free today, Android goo.gl/zNdCTo or iOS goo.gl/IjvPPL.

DilemmaMatch 100% cross platform