DilemmaMatch app for iOS launched today

We’ve all been waiting for this moment over the last few weeks,
...but today is the day that our new iOS app is going live in the iTunes Store! And it's free!

DilemmaMatch is the perfect iOS app to help you find new friends. Friends who think like you and who share your interests - in other words, your Soulmates.

DilemmaMatch in a nutshell:

  • Login in to DilemmaMatch with your Facebook account
  • Answer Dilemmas (optionally give a motivation for your answer)
  • Swipe left for the next Dilemma
  • Set your Interests, sorting them in your preferred order
  • Choose Dilemmas according to your favorite Interests
  • Check your list of Soulmates
  • Connect with your Soulmates in just one click
  • Create your own Dilemmas, and see how people react

For a limited period after the launch, the Promotional version is available for free from the iTunes store. This means everyone can make their own dilemmas, so hurry up and download our app here!

The Android version of DilemmaMatch will be available soon.

DilemmaMatch is launched, download it for free!