DilemmaMatch Guide: How to create your own Dilemma?

Would you like to know what others think about a topic that really interests you? Or would you like to find out other people's opinion on a hot topical issue or event? Then why not find out by adding your own Dilemma in our DilemmaMatch app!

To create your own Dilemma, you'll need to have either the DilemmaMatch Premium version of the Dilemma app installed (available as in-app purchase), or the DilemmaMatch Promo version (awarded as a reward for participating in our special promotions). And then it couldn't be simpler - just use the "Add Dilemma" feature in the app, using the following step-by-step guide.

Follow these steps to create a Dilemma:

  1. Open the DilemmaMatch App
  2. Tap on the icon (marked with a plus symbol in a circle) in the far right-hand side of the menu bar, located at the top of the screen in Android version and at the bottom of the screen in iOS
  3. Click on the far right icon in the menu (marked with a plus in a circle)
    Note: this option is unavailable in the Free version and you'll instead see a lock symbol
  4. An "Add Dilemma" screen will appear
  5. Then type-in your Dilemma title together with a description of the dilemma, choose the Interest category, and add at least two options for answers
  6. You can also add extra information to help explain your answer options, as well as any media (photo, sound, video) and a third answer option if you wish
  7. Finally, tap on the "Add Dilemma" button at the bottom of your screen

You're all set! You've just created your own Dilemma! And within just a few seconds, you'll be able to see your new Dilemma (as well as any others you've added previously) by tapping on the "My Dilemmas" button in the Profile screen. Then sit back and wait to find out what other DilemmaMatch users think. Or why not get creative and carry on to earn one of our "Dilemma Creator" badges!

And if you're still using the Free version, now's the time to upgrade to DilemmaMatch Premium and join our Dilemma Creators club!

Add Dilemma - Android & iOS