How to find good friends?

Have you ever wanted to find new friends? Well now's your chance! DilemmaMatch is a social app that helps you make new friendships - throughout the world - by finding people with the same interests and opinions as you, with the same approach to life.

Who is a good friend?

Good friendships aren't always easy to find - they're built on mutual respect, and an appreciation of talking together and exchanging ideas. You're also likely to share similar opinions, interests, and hobbies. A good friend won't try to change you - but they are always willing to listen, and to give you an honest opinion when asked! During the last few years, the growing use of Internet has meant that meeting and communicating with people online has become commonplace. It's become much easier to widen your circle of friends, even to find friends on the other side of the world. And without the Internet, you might never have been able to get in touch with them!

How can DilemmaMatch help?

DilemmaMatch is a social app that can help you build these friendships, bringing you into contact with like-minded people worldwide. But it can't do everything for you (yet ☺) - you'll still need to take some of the initiative! To determine who shares your opinions and has similar interests - and who's therefore likely to be a good friend - we first need to know what your opinions and interests are. DilemmaMatch uses an elaborate, unique algorithm that is (among other things) based on your answered Dilemma and your preferred Interests to find matches. So be active within the DilemmaMatch App - answer Dilemmas, motivate your Answers, upvote Motivations, create your own Dilemmas, and share your ideas. And remember, the more Dilemmas you answer, the more accurate the match! DilemmaMatch will also help you get in touch with your ‘Soulmates’ via social media, and who knows, you might actually become true friends. Find out for yourself - download DilemmaMatch, answer Dilemmas, create new ones, and good luck with finding (new) good friends!

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