'One More Thing' broadcast

On a dark and stormy night (starting with a cliche!) at the end of last month, Caroline, Freek and our director (Martyn Simpson) set off to Rotterdam for a live transmission/recording of a ‘One More Thing’ video podcast. Main topic of the evening: Dilemmas, and of course DilemmaMatch, our new app for social networking. Presented by Jan David Hanrath and Lucas Raggers, edited by Koen van Tongeren, the thriving One More Thing community and website (http://www.onemorething.nl/) - with more than 83,000 members at the last count - are living, breathing proof of the existence of the Apple fan boy and girl.

An ideal platform to discuss and present DilemmaMatch!

Their studios are an experience in themselves, set up in the heart of Rotterdam, and a demonstration of just what can be achieved when originality is used to create a professional studio! Jan David, Lucas and their colleagues were the ultimate hosts and soon made us feel at home. Their relaxed manner had the effect of reducing our own nerves, and when the countdown to transmission started, we were ready for the cameras.

Floored by the first question about what to do with $ 123 billion, Martyn recovered, and the first part of the transmission gave him the opportunity to talk about his prehistoric Apple days, pre- iAnything. This was probably one of the darkest periods in Apple history, just before Steve Jobs returned as White Knight to save the day. In the second half of the programme both Martyn and Freek were able to discuss DilemmaMatch, and demonstrate just how our unique App is able to match users throughout the world, finding their Soulmates. DilemmaMatch was launched at the end of November 2014,  and there are already several thousand enthusiastic users! We want to continue this fantastic start, so DilemmaMatchers, tell your friends, spread the word!

And for those who want to revisit our ‘One More Thing’ broadcast (Dutch language): Take a look (http://goo.gl/D1hSUk).

BSL director (Martyn Simpson) demonstrate just how our unique App is able to match users throughout the world.      Reviewing our DilemmaMatch app      Monitoring the broadcast in the studio

Freek, Martyn, Jan David and Lucas