1. Counting down the most popular Dilemma's in 2015

    Counting down the most popular Dilemmas in 2015

    So at the start of 2016, just what were the most popular dilemmas being raised in our DilemmaMatch community for 2015? Take a look!

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  2. New version DilemmaMatch

    New release DilemmaMatch: Version 1.2.0

    We recently updated the DilemmaMatch App, and the latest release (version 1.2) now includes a new translate function, new Add Dilemma screens, and some minor fixes and enhancements.

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  3. Happy first birthday, DilemmaMatch!

    Happy first birthday, DilemmaMatch!

    Time for a party… DilemmaMatch, our social media app, is one-year old. During the last year more than 100,000 faithful DilemmaMatch app users over the whole world have downloaded DilemmaMatch from the iTunes store, and the Google Play store.

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  4. Dilemma's, interests and trends

    The results are in...

    We've seen numerous popular and interesting dilemmas in recent weeks, such as the Volkswagen software scandal, the new Peeple app, and Super Heros.

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  5. BBQ - worth the risk?

    BBQ - worth the risk?

    BBQ's can be responsible for many health risks: Cooking food close to the coals may increase your risk of cancer. Food poisoning is fairly common, and then there are the calories…

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