1. DilemmaMatch - 15.000 Downloads

    DilemmaMatch continues to grow!

    The popularity of DilemmaMatch is on the rise. Last week, our app reached more than 15,000 downloads! The number of downloads from iOS devices (iPhone) remains higher than for Android devices, but the gap is closing fast.

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  2. Friends

    How to find good friends?

    Have you ever wanted to find new friends? Well now's your chance! DilemmaMatch is a social app that helps you make new friendships - throughout the world - by finding people with the same interests and opinions as you, with the same approach to life.

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  3. Media - Screen Recordings

    New DilemmaMatch videos are online!

    We've prepared new step-by-step on-screen video manuals to present various features of the DilemmaMatch app. You can find the videos on the media page at the DilemmaMatch website, under the section "Screen recordings 1.0.6".

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  4. DilemmaMatch - Change Soulmates View - Android & iOS

    DilemmaMatch Guide: How can I view my Soulmates?

    Soulmates are people who think like you, who share your interests. We at DilemmaMatch use our own unique matching algorithm - based on answers given to all Dilemmas in the App - that automatically finds the best Soulmates for you!

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  5. DilemmaMatch 100% cross platform

    DilemmaMatch for Android up-to-date

    These latest iOS and Android releases are identical on both platforms, so you can now compare your answers with your Facebook friends, earn badges, review your answers, add and like motivations, and it doesn't matter which type of smartphone you have!

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