1. DilemmaMatch for Android & iOS

    New DilemmaMatch features for Android and iOS!

    Our new social media app DilemmaMatch already has 7,700 downloads and is now available for Android with new exciting features!

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  2. Partners, Soulmates, or just good friends?

    Partners, Soulmates, or just good friends...

    This story of a Canadian man who travelled around the world with a near stranger is really interesting and became viral over Social Media.

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  3. Follow DilemmaMatch on Pinterest

    DilemmaMatch marches on!

    Our exciting new social Media app DilemmaMatch now has more than 5,000 downloads. Users are extremely enthusiastic, and we've been receiving a great deal of positive feedback…

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  4. Freek, Martyn, Jan David and Lucas

    'One More Thing' broadcast

    On a dark and stormy night (starting with a cliche!) at the end of last month, Caroline, Freek and our director (Martyn Simpson) set off to Rotterdam for a live transmission/recording of a ‘One More Thing’ video podcast.

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  5. Download our iOS app for free...and enjoy your Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Christmas traditions vary from one country to another. In Russia and Ukraine, Christmas is celebrated on 7th January and not on 25th December. This unusual date is because the Orthodox Church uses the old ‘Julian’ calendar.

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