1. Today widget for IOS8

    New release is coming soon!

    We've had hundreds of DilemmaMatch downloads since the launch, and they are increasing every day. Some great reviews and more than 500 DilemmaMatch fans for our Facebook page (link) are a few more reasons for the Bright Side to celebrate right now.

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  2. DilemmaMatch is launched, download it for free!

    DilemmaMatch app for iOS launched today

    We’ve all been waiting for this moment over the last few weeks, ...but today is the day that our new iOS app is going live in the iTunes Store! And it's free! DilemmaMatch is the perfect iOS app to help you find new friends.

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  3. DilemmaMatch - find people who think like you

    DilemmaMatch at the Elance-oDesk Pitch event

    Great evening at the Elance-oDesk Pitch event held in Amsterdam on Wednesday 29 October 2014. The DilemmaMatch app Pitch was rewarded with a much appreciated 3rd prize from the Judges (Floris Alkemade, Thijs Gitmans and Ruben Timmerman).

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  4. DilemmaMatch Promotional Video Shoot

    DilemmaMatch Promotional Video Shoot

    On Wednesday October 15th, VideoBird and the Bright Side of Life started to film the promotional video for our new and exciting social app - DilemmaMatch.

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  5. DM: the numbers below the picture tell you how others have responded to items posted in the app

    Introducing DilemmaMatch

    This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Our new app will soon be revealed when the last puzzle piece from our Social Media teaser campaign is added! The Bright Side of Life is about to launch a brand new Social App, DilemmaMatch.

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