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Meet your soulmate based on dilemmas

Want to find new social connections or friends who think like you? Need help with a Dilemma? Want to share your opinions? We’ve made DilemmaMatch for you!

People have different beliefs, hobbies, and opinions. What if you could find people who think like you and share your interests? By answering Dilemmas or adding your own, DilemmaMatch will bring you in contact with these people across the globe.

DilemmaMatch in just 4 steps

Find like-minded people in 4 simple steps


Login to DilemaMatch with your Apple, Facebook or Google account


Choose your interests, what’s important to you?


Answer dilemmas, share your opinion with the world.


Connect with similar minded DilemmaMatch users.

Connect with like-minded people

Answer dilemmas

Answer over a thousand different dilemmas, choose between 10 different categories and earn badges.

Share your opinion with the world

Share your favorite dilemmas and your answers with your friends and family easily using facebook.

Share your opinion with the world

A problem shared a problem halved

Have a dilemma?

Do you have a dilemma yourself? Share your dilemma in the app and find out what other people think. Engage in discussions and meet new soulmates.

Connect with like-minded people

Get in touch

Easily connect with people across the global who have the same interests as you!

10 different categories

Review, Article or blog

Press kit

Interested in writing a review, article or blog post about the DilemmaMatch App? The DilemmaMatch press kit has everything you need.

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J.C.A.J Janssen
It's not a dating app
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What I like about DilemmaMatch is that it is not a dating app but an app to find people who think like you. The distinguishes DM from other social matching apps.
Good app, but
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The application needs more users and dilemmas to be more fun. Also there is no way of communication with other app users which is not good
Great new social app!
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Great new social app that finds friends - not dates! I've found new Facebook friends almost straight away who like things similar to me. The upgrade means I can add my own dilemmas, see if I can find people who think the same as me.
It's worth it
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After downloading the app immediately answered the required 20 dilemmas and less than a minute later had a list of 10 soulmates!
Nice social app
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This app is all about making new friends in general, not only for dating. Pen pal's in the old days :-). The great part is: it will match you with people with the same ideas around the world.