DilemmaMatch Promotional Video Shoot

On Wednesday October 15th, VideoBird and the Bright Side of Life started to film the promotional video for our new and exciting social app - DilemmaMatch.

It was a long day, but we all had a lot of fun. Before we got to work, we enjoyed a cup of coffee with Lucia, the actress and the whole Videobird crew. After the coffee break, it was time to get down to business.

The shoot for the promotional video took place mainly in Vondelpark, one of Amsterdam’s most popular parks. We continued our shoot in Vondelpark 3, a recently restored restaurant in the heart of park - formerly the site of the Dutch film museum (appropriately enough).

Later on, the whole crew moved to David Lloyd Sports & Health Club in Amsterdam, where the final parts of the DilemmaMatch video were filmed.

What is the movie about? The simple plot explains how the app works in real life:

Two actors, Lucia and Joris represent two DilemmaMatch users who find each other and become friends. While enjoying their favourite sport activities, they answer dilemmas and and choose their favorite interests. When they answer the dilemmas with similar responses, DilemmaMatch automatically matches their profiles, and they can easily connect through Facebook!

The film crew and the actors Joris and Lucia were really enthusiastic about our matching app. We hope that once the app has launched, you will think the same!

Are you curious? Here is a sneak preview of one edit produced during the production of the final video...


DilemmaMatch Promotional Video Shoot