Introducing DilemmaMatch

Find your Soulmates with our new app!

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Our new app will soon be revealed when the last puzzle piece from our Social Media teaser campaign is added!

The Bright Side of Life is about to launch a brand new Social App, DilemmaMatch.

DilemmaMatch is the perfect mobile app for iOS and (coming soon) Android devices to help you find new friends who think like you and who share your interests – in other words, your Soulmates.

How does the app work?

The name says it all. By answering Dilemmas, or even creating your own, DilemmaMatch will find people who share your beliefs, hobbies and opinions and help you get in touch.

To get started, simply login using your Facebook account and DilemmaMatch will create a profile for you. Once you start answering dilemmas, DilemmaMatch will create a list of people who answer in a similar way – in other words, your potential Soulmates. If you sort the DilemmaMatch list of interests into your preferred order, you’ll find an even closer match. Maybe there’s someone out there who also loves to watch movies, hates playing sports, and is really interested in Fashion!

Once you've found your Soulmates, simply connect via Facebook to find like-minded people and build new friendships. What could be easier!


  • The more dilemmas you answer, the closer the match
  • Give a motivation for your answer
  • Create your own dilemmas, and see how people react

DilemmaMatch can be downloaded for free from both the iTunes Store and (coming soon) Google Play Store. 

Don't forget: For a limited period of time you get all the features of the Premium version - completely free!

DM: the numbers below the picture tell you how others have responded to items posted in the app