New DilemmaMatch videos are online!

We've prepared new step-by-step on-screen video manuals to present various features of the DilemmaMatch app. You can find the videos on the media page at the DilemmaMatch website, under the section "Screen recordings 1.0.6".

We’ve prepared new step-by-step on-screen video manuals to present various features of the DilemmaMatch app. You can find the videos on the media page at the DilemmaMatch website, under the section “Screen recordings 1.0.6”. The videos show the user interface, but as this is slightly different depending on whether you use Android and iOS, there are separate videos for Android users (on the right-hand side of the screen) and iOS users (on the left-hand side). Make sure you select the correct version, then simply click on the video you want to view – it will appear in a separate window.

So browse to the media page if you want to hone your DilemmaMatch skills – learn how to login to DilemmaMatch, answer Dilemmas, edit your Interests, find Soulmates, share Dilemmas, motivate Answers, upvote Motivations, view your Dilemmas, earn Badges, and much more besides! You can then try out all the DilemmaMatch app features yourself!

If you still don’t have DilemmaMatch, go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download it for iOS and Android.



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