Partners, Soulmates, or just good friends...

This story of a Canadian man who travelled around the world with a near stranger is really interesting and became viral over Social Media.

Jordan Axani booked a trip around the world for him and his girlfriend - but his girlfriend broke up with him before the trip actually started. Since the round-the-world ticket was non-refundable, Jordan Axani decided to travel by himself, but as it was a pity not to use the second ticket, he offered the second round-the-world ticket to any girl with a Canadian passport, and the same name as his ex-girlfriend - “Elizabeth Gallagher”. He used Social Media - mainly Twitter - to find his travel companion and ”Soulmate”. He was lucky, there were many girls around Canada with the same name as his ex-girlfriend. After a tough decision, he chose to travel with Elizabeth "Quinn" Gallagher, a student from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Jordan and Elizabeth didn’t know each other before the tour around the world, and so they didn’t really know what to expect from each other! During their 3-week trip around the world they visited many interesting places in Europe and Asia. They traveled from New York to Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Khao Lak, Thailand, and Hong Kong, both touring together and spending time apart. After sharing so much, was "Love" and "Romance" on the cards? Maybe for some, but not for Jordan and Elizabeth Gallagher 'mark 2'. As they both told BBC, their relationship doesn’t include any romance, and Elizabeth returned to her long-term partner on return.

This is a great example of Soulmates: people who share experiences. Romance is always welcome for almost anyone, but a close friendship built on learning from each other, and sharing thoughts and memories has it's charm! That’s exactly the idea behind DilemmaMatch, an app that helps you find new friends around the world. Maybe you can meet for an afternoon coffee, skype online, or maybe you too will step on a plane to meet your new friend(s)... that's totally up to you!

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Partners, Soulmates, or just good friends?