1. Add Dilemma - Android & iOS

    DilemmaMatch Guide: How to create your own Dilemma?

    Would you like to know what others think about a topic that really interests you? Or would you like to find out other people's opinion on a hot topical issue or event? Then why not find out by adding your own Dilemma in our DilemmaMatch app!

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  2. DilemmaMatch for iOS (1.0.6) - New version

    The DilemmaMatch 1.0.6 for iOS is here!

    Good news everyone, we just released a new version of DilemmaMatch App for iOS.

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  3. DilemmaMatch - Versions - Premium

    DilemmaMatch Easter Promotion - DilemmaMatch Versions

    The DilemmaMatch team would like to thank everybody for participating in the Easter Promotion. Users who answered more than 25 Dilemmas during the Easter weekend have been awarded with a free upgrade to DilemmaMatch Promo version.

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  4. DilemmaMatch for Android (1.0.3) - Add Dilemmas

    Create your own Dilemmas with DilemmaMatch!

    Great news for all our Android users - we've just released a new version (1.0.3) of DilemmaMatch, which gives you the option to upgrade to DilemmaMatch Premium!

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  5. 10,000 Downloads - DilemmaMatch

    Thank you for 10,000 DilemmaMatch downloads!

    The DilemmaMatch app has reached another important milestone: 10,000 downloads! ‪10,000 app downloads‬ in the first two months was one of our main goals, and we got there today!

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