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Yes, DilemmaMatch works on iOS and Android. It doesn’t matter what type of smartphone you use – you’ll always be able to find people who think like you and share your interests – your Soulmates!

The DilemmaMatch app has been developed to work on iOS/Android smartphones, but it can just as easily be used on your tablet. A version optimised for use on larger screens is planned for release at a future date.

No, an Internet connection must be available if you want to use the app.

With the Premium version, you can create and monitor your own Dilemmas – and there is NO advertising. See how people answer your Dilemmas, and review their motivations. If you are curious about how others think, upgrade to Premium and start creating your own Dilemmas!

In the Free version there are advertisements, and you cannot create your own Dilemmas. You can upgrade to the Premium version at any time.

Every now and then we upgrade active users automatically to the Promotional version, allowing them to create their own Dilemmas. You can also upgrade to the Premium version, giving you all the Promotional features but without advertisements.

Whether you are using the Free or Promotional version, in the ‘Settings’ screen under ‘Profile’ you can choose the ‘Switch to Premium’ option to upgrade DilemmaMatch. If you are using the Free version, you can also tap on the ‘Lock’ icon in the tab bar, or tap the ‘My Dilemmas’ button in your ‘Profile’, or choose the ‘Go Premium’ option in any dialogs that are displayed (for example when you run out of Dilemmas to answer, or choose an interest in the ‘Interests’ screen for which no Dilemmas are available).

Go to the ‘Profile’ screen, and tap on the ‘Cogwheel’ icon at the top right to view the ‘Settings’ screen. At the top of the screen you will see one of:
– DilemmaMatch Promotional Version #.#.##
– DilemmaMatch Free Version #.#.##
– DilemmaMatch Premium Version #.#.##

221B Baker Street, or down the back of my sofa.

These are Dilemmas which we feel deserve extra attention, for example during a particular worldwide happening or event. Because every user sees these special Dilemmas and can answer them, this gives everyone the possibility of a close match with a new Soulmate.

This indicates the popularity of a particular Dilemma. Your answers to popular Dilemmas will be compared with lots of other answers, and this will increase the chance of finding a Soulmate.

This is the name of the person who created the Dilemma. If you tap on the name, you’ll see his/her profile page and see how well you match.

The DLM logo is used for Dilemmas we have created. An empty profile picture and no name means that the author of this Dilemma has disabled the ‘Show name with Dilemma’ option in their DilemmaMatch ‘Settings’ screen.

When you are in the answer Dilemma screen (or My Answer/My Dilemma screen), tap on the small ‘globe’ icon. You can now choose your language, and the Dilemma will be translated to that language (along with the description and answers). If you tap a second time, the Dilemma returns to the original language (English). DilemmaMatch remembers your language so – after the first time – just tap the earth to translate a Dilemma into your preferred language.

Yes you can. Tap and keep your finger pressed on the ‘globe’ icon to display a small menu with two options: Languages – Translate. If you choose ‘Languages’, you can select a new language and the Dilemma will be translated. Or just tap ‘Translate’ and the Dilemma will be translated into your current language. You can also close the menu by tapping the small red/white cross shown in the menu.

A Dilemma is a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable or desirable. Dilemmas should be original, and should clearly describe a situation for which you provide at least two answers (you can add up to three). You also need to decide in which interest area your Dilemma should appear, and have the option of adding a video, audio or a picture to illustrate your Dilemma. Please write your Dilemma in English.

We’ve made it easier to create a Dilemma using step- by -step cards. Tap the + symbol, choose an Interest, then tap ‘NEXT’ to add the Dilemma title (and optional description). You can then choose to add a photo, audio, or a movie, add at least two choices, and ‘voila’, you can ‘SAVE’ your Dilemma. Optionally scroll the screen up and down, or tap one of the green buttons, to re-edit different parts of the Dilemma before saving (e.g. if you want to change the media type, or the Interest category).

In the app’s ‘Settings’ screen within your ‘Profile’, you can tap ‘Privacy’ and enable/disable the option ‘Show name with Dilemma’.

You can only ‘Like’ motivations to a Dilemma (even in ‘My Dilemmas’) after you’ve first answered the Dilemma yourself. Just tap on the ‘Motivation box’ to Like a particular motivation. A change of color and the appearance indicates that you’ve Liked this motivation previously. You can always revoke your Like afterwards.

No, you can only use your Facebook account at the moment. We are working on changes to support Apple and Google accounts.

No, it’s not possible to block people in the DilemmaMatch app.

Tap on the ‘Interests’ icon, and then on ‘Edit’ (top right),  for Android. Use the ‘drag handle’ (3 stripes) to move the interests into the order you prefer, most popular at the top. When you are finished tap ‘Done’ (top right),  for Android.

If you arrange your interests in the order you prefer, you will find better Soulmates.

First check if you have a good Internet connection. If this is working, then check whether or not you can log onto Facebook. If this is also working, then please contact us via the ‘Contact Form‘ on this website.

Matches are based on many factors, including the answers you’ve given, the number of Dilemmas you (and others) have answered, your Preferred Interests, and many more ingredients that we keep to ourselves! As matching is also based on the answers given by others, and we occasionally tweak and improve the matching algorithm, you may get new Soulmates every now and then without answering any more Dilemmas – two good reasons to check-in regularly – your new Soulmates may be waiting!

DilemmaMatch operates cross platform, so it doesn’t matter which device your Soulmates are using.

It’s always possible that someone you see in your ‘Soulmates’ list doesn’t see you in theirs, or perhaps with a lower or higher score. This is because the matching uses a lot of factors which can differ per user (for example the number of answers given). In some cases this means it can happen that he/she matches other people better then you! To find your best matches, answer as many Dilemmas as you can – and set your interests.

You probably need to answer more Dilemmas (at least 20) to establish a basis for matching with other DilemmaMatch users. Also see: How does Matching work?

When you delete an answer from your ‘My Answers’ list, the Dilemma will again become available to you. We can’t predict when the Dilemma will next appear!

You can find out how you match with your Facebook Friends, and the Top Dilemma Creators, under the ‘Soulmates’ tab. Swipe left and right (iOS), or tap on ‘Soulmates’ to open the dropdown menu (Android) to navigate between the three lists. Get your Facebook friends to join DilemmaMatch and see which of them match you the most!

When you first sign up for DilemmaMatch, you are asked for permission to share your ‘Friend list’. If you do not share this information, DilemmaMatch cannot see them. When you try and see how you match with your Facebook Friends, DilemmaMatch will show an alert that lets you set this permission again. – Tap on ‘Set permission’, then tap ‘OK’ in the Facebook screen that follows. – If this doesn’t work, go to your Facebook page, and go to ‘Settings’. Tap on ‘Apps’ and then remove DilemmaMatch from your list of Apps (under App Settings). The next time you try to use DilemmaMatch you will once more be asked to login. Under the entry ‘Edit the info you provide’, make sure that the ‘Friend list’ is selected (√).

This can depend on the Facebook settings of your friends, or they may have opted out of providing this information when using DilemmaMatch the first time. See the previous question for a solution to this.

Both you and your friend must answer a minimum number of Dilemmas to show a positive matching percentage. Also see: How does Matching work?

By tapping on the icon, you can switch between showing the number of Dilemmas a user has created and your Matching percentage with each Top Dilemma Creator.

You can only see your own information, and not that of other users. The icons are therefore inactive.

My Answers app icon – Number of Dilemmas answered
My Dilemmas app icon – Number of Dilemmas you created
My Badges app icon – Number of Badges earned (v1.0.5 or later)

You can tap on the icons to view more details (for example, view ‘My Answers’, ‘My Dilemmas’ or your ‘Badges’). When viewing your own Dilemmas or your earlier Answers, you can always add motivations for your answers or Like comments from other users!

If you ever felt like your previous motivation didn’t hit the mark or if you forgot to add a motivation in the first place, you can add more motivations afterwards.

You earn badges automatically by simply using the app (badges are available from v1.0.5 or later)!
If you want to know how you can earn another star or a particular badge, then tap on the relevant badge in your ‘Badges’ overview (you can find the badges overview by tapping on the My Badges app icon icon in your ‘Profile’).