Counting down the most popular dilemmas 2015 – 3, 2… 1

At the start of 2016, just what were the most popular dilemmas within the DilemmaMatch community? Now it’s time to announce the top 3 from 2015.

DilemmaMatch is our great social app that helps you find out people’s opinions throughout the world on a whole range of issues – from serious political issues, to events in the entertainment world. At the start of 2016 we thought it would be fun to take a look at  the most popular dilemmas raised in our ever-growing DilemmaMatch community during the previous 12 months. And the results were quite a surprise!

Numbers #4 and #5 were published in an earlier blog so now it’s time to tell you about the top 3 from 2015…

In time-honoured tradition, starting with #3 (you have to imagine a drum roll here)…

Top Gear on Amazon – Good idea / Bad idea?


…the third most popular dilemma was all about Mr. Jeremy Clarkson (rated the ninth least popular resident in his home town of Chipping Norton, UK) & Top Gear. You might think Mr. Clarkson would be the least popular resident wherever he lived, but Chipping Norton is full of people you’d probably prefer not to sit next to at dinner (well, that’s if comedian Mark Steel is to be believed!).

And the Dilemma? Members of the Jeremy Clarkson fanclub will no doubt be delighted that he is returning (with James May & Hamster Hammond) to present a new ‘Top Gear’-like program for Amazon. But is this really what they want? Amazon doesn’t yet have a great track record as program maker, and perhaps – just possibly – many people are thoroughly sick of Clarkson.

Anyway, it seems that 45% of misguided souls are looking forward to Clarkson on Amazon, whilst 34% (although happy to buy their books on Amazon) don’t plan to watch Top Gear ‘light’. And the missing 21%? – they’re the lucky few that have apparently never heard of Top Gear.

At #2, it’s Airline travel that made users fly to answering the Dilemma:

Many airlines are introducing WIFI services, replacing the (costly) in-seat entertainment systems. Which do you prefer?


WiFi will offer more (online) material, giving access to anything you want, including movies, or (if you’re really enthusiastic) – your office network. But perhaps this is only interesting for those sad individuals that take their laptop/tablet on vacation?  Me – I just take my suntan cream, swimming costume and a big appetite …..

Well, it seems that a resounding 83% of you preferred the WiFi / Tablet option – one of the biggest margins of any of the Dilemmas published in 2015.

Just 17% of you will miss the outdated in-seat entertainment screens (that are barely visible in bright light). Perhaps it’s the way the screens move and bounce when the person in front stretches their legs that they’ll really miss. If that’s the reason, make sure you take a couple of kids along with you on your next flight, so they can keep bashing your tablet while you try to read/watch a film.

At #1, does it really come as a big surprise that our most popular dilemma of 2015 involves sex – illicit, secret sex?

The dilemma in question?

A dating site  for people who want to cheat on their partners has been hacked. Would you use such a site?


What we learnt from this dilemma is that 65% of DilemmaMatch users don’t use such sites. What good, honest people you all are – congratulations!  But  28% admitted that the story about hacking the Ashley Madison web site made them nervous (maybe less nervous now their divorce papers have landed on the doormat.)

And what about the remaining 7%? Exuding confidence, they chose the ‘Yes – they are usually safe’ option. Such self assurance. But what’s that expression… “Pride comes before a fall

If you’d like to make your own opinions count in next year’s Most Popular Dilemma results, then add/answer more dilemmas in 2016. If you have some favorites, get in touch too – let us know what you like. And if you’re not yet one of our DilemmaMatch community, then why not join now, and download DilemmaMatch for iOS or Android.


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