Counting down the most popular Dilemmas in 2015

So at the start of 2016, just what were the most popular dilemmas being raised in our DilemmaMatch community for 2015? Take a look!

DilemmaMatch is our great social app that helps you find out people’s opinions on a whole range of issues – from serious political issues, to events in the entertainment world. So at the start of 2016, just what were the most popular dilemmas being raised in our DilemmaMatch community?

You’d be surprised!!! We were expecting to see some of the trickier, political dilemmas of our time. What to do about migrants to Europe? What about Greece leaving the European union, and should Bill Cosby be tried for sexual assault? Or what to think about Mr. Donald Trump and his amazing head-cover rug. Some of these were popular, but not in our top 5!

Starting (as traditional) with #5, we have:

Which sporting event would you choose?


Given a choice between two world events taking place at the same time last June in Canada, 63% of you went for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, 37% went for the Women’s Soccer world cup in Edmonton. Is there something I should know about Edmonton? Or is it just the enthusiasm for cars chasing each other round and round and round and…

Me? I would have gone to the soccer. If only for the ladies 😉

Ok! Moving on to #4, we have:

You just killed someone (but not really)! –
Is this a good prank or has it gone too far?


Now this has to be seen to be believed, so check out the video.

Me? I laughed until I died (well almost!).

65% of you thought it did indeed go too far! Whilst the evil 35% of users clearly thought it was quite all right to make a friend think he’d killed someone by accident. That kind of friend I don’t need!

OK – that’s it for this week. Next week, the top 3…

If you’d like to find out more about DilemmaMatch, then take a look at the DilemmaMatch website. You’ll soon see that our app is a great way to find out what others think, and even to start a debate on issues that matter to you!


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