DilemmaMatch Easter Promotion – DilemmaMatch Versions

The DilemmaMatch team would like to thank everybody for participating in the Easter Promotion. Users who answered more than 25 Dilemmas during the Easter weekend have been awarded with a free upgrade to DilemmaMatch Promo version.

The DilemmaMatch team would like to thank everybody who participated in the Easter Promotion. More than 1000 DilemmaMatch users answered more than 25 Dilemmas during the Easter weekend, and were rewarded with a free upgrade to the DilemmaMatch Promo version!

There are three versions of DilemmaMatch: the basic Free version, the paid Premium version, and the Promotional (Promo) version that’s awarded on special occasions to specified groups of users (the most recent chance to get a free Promo upgrade was during the Easter weekend). For those of you who aren’t sure, here’s a rundown of the differences between the three versions.

DilemmaMatch Free lets you do a lot of fun stuff – you can answer Dilemmas, share Dilemmas with your friends, set your preferred Interests, vote motivations, and see who are your Soulmates among other DilemmaMatch users, Top Dilemma Creators or your Facebook Friends. In the iOS app, you can also earn a whole range of Badges/Awards the more you use the App (this feature is coming soon to Android). You can recognize the free version of DilemmaMatch by the lock symbol in the far right corner of the menu bar.

If you want to carry on enjoying all these basic DilemmaMatch features but also be able to create your own dilemmas – and monitor the answers – you can upgrade to DilemmaMatch Premium. What’s more, you’ll no longer see ads! The Premium version is available as an In-App Purchase in the Settings screen of the DilemmaMatch App.

And finally, we have DilemmaMatch Promo. Awarded during special promotions, DilemmaMatch Promo is identical to the Premium version, but you’ll still see ads in the app. Both the Premium and Promo and Premium versions have a plus symbol at the far right end of the menu bar.

For more information about the versions and features of DilemmaMatch, take a look at the relevant sections of our website. Easter Promotion

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