New features for Android and iOS!

Our new social media app DilemmaMatch already has 7,700 downloads and is now available for Android with new exciting features!

Our exciting new social media app DilemmaMatch for Android was launched just two weeks ago, and has already been downloaded 700 times from the Google Play Store!

But the success of the app doesn’t mean that our development team has been standing still – we’ve been receiving a great deal of positive feedback and suggestions from enthusiastic users, and our developers have been busy looking at ways to include many of their ideas. This week, we released a second updated version of DilemmaMatch for Android (1.0.2) with lots of new features.

The new features in a nutshell:

  • we’ve added Featured Dilemma and Dilemma of the Day
  • you can motivate your answer, and then upvote other motivations you like
  • match with Facebook Friends and Top Dilemma Creators
  • you can view your answers
  • view remaining Dilemmas per Interest category

A whole range of other new Android features, such as creating new Dilemmas, watching the performance of your own Dilemmas, and the chance to earn badges, are coming soon!


Alongside the success of the recent Android launch, the DilemmaMatch app for iOS has now been downloaded 7,000 times – and the number continues to rise. The DilemmaMatch iOS community is still growing in size and popularity as users answer and create new Dilemmas – people enjoy finding people who think like them, who share their interests, no matter where they are in the world!

And, of course, our development team is also continuing to implement new ideas and features in the iOS version! A new update (1.0.5) will be available very soon, and will include all the new Android features – as well as the chance to earn badges for a whole range of activities in DilemmaMatch. In the meantime, you can still download the 1.0.4 version in the iTunes App Store.


We really appreciate all the feedback and suggestions we receive from DilemmaMatch users on our social channels (and to have the chance to answer all your questions about the app). So watch out for the new releases, and stay connected on FacebookTwitter, Google+ or Pinterest!

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