New release DilemmaMatch: Version 1.2.0

We recently updated the DilemmaMatch App, and the latest release (version 1.2) now includes a new translate function, new Add Dilemma screens, and some minor fixes and enhancements.

We recently updated the DilemmaMatch App, and the latest release (version 1.2) now includes a number of changes:

  • New translate function: Set your language, and we translate Dilemmas for you!
  • New Add Dilemma screens: Adding a new Dilemma is easier and faster than ever.
  • Other fixes/enhancements

DilemmaMatch is a social app that helps you socialize, find and connect with new friends in a fun and entertaining way. In the DilemmaMatch app you answer Dilemmasmotivate your opinions, comment and react to other users’ opinions. The app compares your interests and answers with those of other users. Based on your decisions and DilemmaMatch’s unique matching algorithm, it finds people who think like you – and helps you get in touch via Social Media.

DilemmaMatch now contains many new features, including a completely new Add Dilemma screen, and super smart language translation. Updates in earlier releases mean that you can also see how well you match with your Facebook friends, earn badges, revisit your answers, give multiple motivations, and vote/like other users motivations. You can choose the types of Dilemmas you want to answer by tapping the Interest title shown with each Dilemma, and find out more about each Dilemma Creator by tapping their profile photo.

New: Translate Dilemmas
English is an international language, and “everybody” can understand it, right? Wrong! And so the DilemmaMatch development team has made it as easy as possible for everybody to understand the Dilemmas.

When you are in the “Answer Dilemma” screen (or My Answer/My Dilemma screen), tap on the small  icon. The first time you can choose your language, and the Dilemma (Title, Description and the answers/options) will be translated into that language. Simple as that. If you tap a second time, the Dilemma returns to the original language (English). On any new Dilemma screen one tap on the  icon, and the Dilemma will be translated – like magic!

See the FAQ page for more info on selecting and changing your preferred language.

Redesigned: Add Dilemma

We didn’t stop with the new “Translate” feature. We want to improve the DilemmaMatch experience whenever we can, which is why we completely redesigned the way you create your own Dilemma(s). With just a few taps and a little typing you can add your own Dilemma, add media, and find out what people all over the world think. See how you match with them in your Soulmates screen.


You can check out the change log for an update on all the features in this, and previous DilemmaMatch releases, either on this site, or in the DilemmaMatch settings screen. So why wait, download version 1.2.0 for iOS and Android now!

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